Eco fresh foods Dried coconut banana cubes 100 g


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Per box: 15 packs x 100 g


Our dried fruit is a healthy alternative to sweets.
A delicious and efficient energy supply for the whole family.
Used only sun-ripened fruits from Ghana with the sweet tropical flavor you love. 
– Premium quality, non-sweetened dried coconut and banana cubes from Ghana (Africa)
– 100% natural, no added sugar, gluten-free
– A tasty and healthy snack suitable for vegetarians, vegans, adults and children.
– Certification: BRC, FAIRTRADE, IFS, KOSHER
Manufacturer: HPW AG
Prekinis ženklas: Eco fresh foods

Ingredients: 85% dried bananas, 15% dried coconut.
Nutritional information (100 g):
Energy 1377 kJ/3885 kcal
Fat 11,69g
Carbohydrates 74,81g
Of which sugars 40,57g
Protein 3,97g
Calcium 1,8mg
Iron 1,9mg
Vitamin C 9,1mg
Vitamin A 0,21mg


Dimensions 220 × 40 × 120 cm
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