Kyocera TK-8345M Toner Cartridge, Magenta


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The Kyocera brand symbol is composed of a corporate mark and our corporate logotype. The mark represents the initial “K” (for Kyocera) encircling a “C” (for ceramics). It was introduced in October 1982 when the company name was changed from “Kyoto Ceramic” to “Kyocera.”

“The New Value Frontier” reflects Kyocera’s commitment to continuously creating new value at the cutting edge of technology. The global Kyocera Group develops unique technologies and applies its vision to create valuable products that the markets continually seek.

Kyocera, characterized by originality and high quality, constantly creates new value to facilitate human progress.

Kyocera pursues excellence while adhering to universal principles. We develop unique technologies and apply our vision to create valuable products that markets continually seek.

In all of its businesses, Kyocera is committed to creating value that exceeds customer expectations. The brand promises performance that amazes and delights in the areas of technological strength, superior quality, and responsiveness. The Kyocera Brand – “The New Value Frontier” – is worthy of worldwide recognition and global acclaim.

Dimensions 630 × 67 × 75 cm


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